Tangles Wines

Springtime TangleTangles is a project that involves  a convergence of my passion for great Napa Valley Cabernets, things organically grown and a penchant for doing everything myself.  The name is a play on words between my favorite distinctive quality of grapevines, the tendrils and perhaps my most distinctive trait, my curly hair.  The label design luckily refers to the former.

The Tangles “portfolio” consists of a single wine, grown and made by me from the pruning, weeding, irrigation, thinning, picking and of course, the wine making.  It represents a culmination of my journey, partly shared with my husband, from pre-Veterinary student, to Food Science (Enology) graduate student to winemaker and now “winegrower”.  It has been a great ride with mentors that few can boast, Charles Thomas, Ken Shyvers, Mike Wolf, Tim Mondavi and indeed Robert Mondavi himself.

There are many interesting facets to the wine industry but my love is on the side where the wines are born.  I most enjoy the differences among vintages, the journey of the growing season, as nail biting as it can be and the evolution of the wines in the vineyard, in tank, in the bottle and on the table.

Heather Pyle-Lucas, owner, grower, winemaker